Cheap Barcode Scanners for sale

Cheap Entry Level Barcode Scanners, good quality with a minimum of 1 Year Warranty. We at JNS Technologies have had a good look at all the cheaper barcode scanners on the market and have rejected many of them due to reliability issues. Here is our recommended list of cheap entry level 1D and 2D handheld scanners: Argox… Continue reading Cheap Barcode Scanners for sale

Handheld Stock Taking Barcode Scanner

Stock taking barcode scanner are normally called Portable Data Terminals (PDT), Mobile Computers or PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant). They differ from normal barcode scanners in that they are portable, have memory, a keypad, a display, scanning module and powered by  a battery. We will refer to the entry level Cipherlab 8001 as an example of… Continue reading Handheld Stock Taking Barcode Scanner

Cipherlab RS30 Android

Delivering superior user experience with persuading designs, CipherLab RS30 series has been deployed in a China’s leading hospital as nurses’ companion. A case story telling user scenario and overall deployment has been developed. Please check it out on   Click here for more information on the Cipherlab RS30

Wireless Barcode Scanner

Wireless or cordless barcode scanners use radio frequency or Bluetooth technology to send scanned data to a dock, cradle or Bluetooth enabled device. The dock or cradle is attached to a computer via USB, Keyboard Wedge or Serial cable. The advantage of a wireless barcode scanner is that it provides freedom to move the scanner… Continue reading Wireless Barcode Scanner