Wireless Barcode Scanners

Entry Level 2D Cordless Barcode Scanner

The new Newland HR2070-RF is the ideal Entry Level Cordless Barcode Scanner that reads 1D and 2D barcodes.

With the included USB-HID dongle, connect to virtually any device with a USB port and walk up to 50m away. Whether on the shop floor or taking inventory, the HR2070-RF Panga is ready for the job.

1D Barcode

Cordless Barcode Scanner Superior barcode scanning.

The HR2070 RF Panga is Newland’s entry-level cordless handheld scanner. Equipped with their third generation decoder chip, it does not compromise on performance. Capturing barcodes, both on paper or screen, becomes a breeze.

2D Barcode

Plug-and-play cordless scanning.

Stay clear of unnecessary cables with the HR20 RF Panga. Plug the included USB-HID dongle quickly and easily into any device that you need the automatically linked scanner to communicate with. No need to go through any troublesome Bluetooth unpairing & pairing process. With 2.4GHz Radio Frequency technology, the HR20 RF Panga provides wireless connectivity for up to 50M from the connected dongle.

Wireless communication without interference.

Each USB dongle is automatically connected to their specific scanner, removing any need for configuration and making it possible to use lots of scanners in the same area without interference challenges. Additionally, data can be temporarily stored in the scanner itself, ready to send into a database when connected.

Cordless Barcode Scanner

Exceptional battery life for Cordless Barcode Scanner

The HR20 RF Panga Cordless Barcode Scanner tops the charts in cordless handheld scanner battery life. It will run a comfortable 12 hours of continuous use. The provided USB cable allows convenient charging, without a bulky cradle or wall-socket, via any USB port available.

Durable countertop solution.

The IP42 sealing protects against water and dust. The drop rating of 1.2m provides a durable scanner to sit next to a computer or POS.

Download PDF Specification Brochure

Blog Posts

Handheld Stock Taking Barcode Scanner

Stock taking barcode scanner are normally called Portable Data Terminals (PDT), Mobile Computers or PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant). They differ from normal barcode scanners in that they are portable, have memory, a keypad, a display, scanning module and powered by  a battery.

We will refer to the entry level Cipherlab 8001 as an example of a stock taking scanner.


A stock take using the 8001 PDT will normally go as follows:

  1. Scan the barcode on the shelf/bin
  2. Count the items on the shelf/bin
  3. Enter the quantity using the keypad and press Enter

Once you have completed scanning all the shelves or bins, the unit is placed in its dock, which also charges the battery. The dock will be connected to the PC with either a USB or Serial Cable. Using the standard software which comes with the unit, the scanned data is uploaded to the PC in a CSV text file format. This file can be opened in Excel or imported into your accounting/stock taking program (Check with your software vendor).

The Cipherlab 8000 range of scanners are able to be programmed with Forge Application Software which comes included in the price of the PDT. This allows the customer to change the way the scanner inputs data to suite his needs. We assist with this programming method free of charge.

The Forge Batch Application Generator and USB Drivers can be downloaded here.

For more information on the other models available for Stock Taking, Asset Management etc Click here

For more information please email or call 011 425 5439.

Barcode Scanners

Cheap Barcode Scanners for sale

Cheap Entry Level Barcode Scanners, good quality with a minimum of 1 Year Warranty.

We at JNS Technologies have had a good look at all the cheaper barcode scanners on the market and have rejected many of them due to reliability issues.

Here is our recommended list of cheap entry level 1D handheld scanners:

Newland HR1250-70 Anchoa

View Brochure

We have added the Newland HR1250-70 USB Barcode Scanner to our product list as an ideal Entry Level Scanner

It is an affordable, light weight scanner with good scanning and decoding capabilities.

The HR1250-70 comes with a 5 year Factory Warranty, giving you peace of mind.

We give this Entry Level Scanner 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Price: R465 incl vat (31 January 2019)

 Argox AS8050 

View Brochure

The new scanner from Argox (A Sato Company) is proving to be very popular and been one of our top sellers over the last four month.

The scanner come standard with a Stand, USB cable and a 12 month factory warranty.

The scanners reliability seems to be great with not one unit returned as faulty (31 January 2019)

We give this Entry Level Scanner 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Price: R645 incl vat (31 January 2019)

 Cipherlab 1000A

View Brochure

The Cipherlab 1000A CCD scanner has been around for some time and has proven itself to be quite a tough Entry Level scanner. 

The scanner comes in either a USB, Keyboard Wedge or Serial model. The 1000 CCD has the standard 12 month factory warranty.

Reliability of this unit has been good over the last few years with very few coming in for repair.

We give this Entry Level Scanner 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Price: R665 incl vat (31 January 2019)

Datalogic QW2120 Quickscan Lite

View Brochure

The QW2120 Lite imaging scanner from Datalogic is also amongst our top sellers with a proven track record. There have been very few coming back for repair.

The scanner comes in either a USB,Keyboard Wedge or Serial kit and includes a Stand and a 36 month factory warranty.

We give this Entry Level Scanner 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Price: 820 incl vat (31 January 2019)


For more information and pricing contact us: 011 425 5439 or

Barcode Scanners

Purchasing cheap barcode scanners from online stores

We receive many requests for support on Barcode Scanners that have been purchased from online stores. There are quite a few cheap unknown brands of scanners that are available lately from various online merchants.

There seems to be a lack of support from most of the online stores. Barcode Scanners and Printers can be quite complex when certain configurations need to be programmed into these units.

Its not possible for us to help clients that have bought these scanners or printers. We only deal with the Major brands like Datalogic, Honeywell, Cipherlab, Argox and Zebra. All the Barcode Scanners and Label Printers come from reputable distributors that have footprints across South Africa. All warranty and out of warranty repairs are done locally.

We only offer technical support or advice on the devices purchased from us.

Please consider the above before deciding where to purchase your Barcode Products. We offer personal support – Henry is available to chat about what model will best suite your needs or application.

Our best selling General Purpose Barcode Scanner has to be the Datalogic Quickscan Lite QW2120. The scanner comes with a scan stand and USB Cable and carries a 3 Year Warranty.

Datalogic QW2120 Barcode Scanners

The QW2120 has Datalogics “Green Spot” Technology which throws a green circle of light on the barcode after a successful read. When inserted in the Scan Stand it becomes auto sensing. This means the scanner becomes a Hands Free device, you just need to pass the barcode in front of the scanner to be scanned.

The Datalogic Quickscan Lite QW2120 USB Kit normally sells for about R650 including vat, depending on the exchange rate at the time the scanners are brought in to South Africa.

Barcode Label Printer Repairs

Barcode Label Printer Service

After many hours of operation a Label Printer accumulates dust and dirt that can be harmful to the Thermal Print Head, Platen Rollers, gears or belts and the Main PC Board. It makes sense to have your barcode label printer serviced after a years operation. 

The service consists of:

  • Stripping the printer for visual inspection of all moving parts etc
  • Cleaning the Thermal Print Head
  • Cleaning the Platten Roller
  • Cleaning all gears, bushes or bearings
  • Cleaning the PCB Boards of dust or other contaminates
  • Washing the covers, metal or plastic
  • Greasing bearings or bushes if applicable
  • Re-assembling the label printer
  • Testing the full operation of the label printer and reporting any worn parts or faults to the client

A full service costs R350 excluding vat and excludes any spares that might be needed.

Argox Barcode Printers

Argox iX4-250 Industrial Printer Review

This week we had the opportunity to test and review the newly released Argox iX4-250 Industrial Label Printer.

In The Box

The printer fits snugly and securely inside the box and won’t be damaged in normal transit. The box also contains the CD with the drivers, Bartender UL and Utilities for the Argox printers. A power cord and USB printer cable is also included.

Unpacking the printer is relatively easy and was ready to test in no time.

Loading the Media and Ribbon

We used wax ribbon 110mm wide by 360m on 25mm core for testing. The iX4-250 can accommodate ribbon up to 450m in length. Loading the ribbon into the printer is easy and no different from the previous X1000V, X2000 and X2300.

There is a diagram in the lid showing how the ribbon is to be loaded. One thing to remember is – the shiny side of the ribbon is to be against the Print Head and the dull side against the paper labels.

Loading the roll of label is also no problem and similar to the previous X series printers. Care should just be taken to make sure the label goes through the guides of the label sensor. There is a diagram showing the label path.

The printer can take a label roll with a Outer Diameter of 8.26 inch or 210mm.

Operating the iX4-250

We already have the driver (Argox_2017.1_M1) installed on our test pc together with the Bartender UL (Bartender_UL_2016) label design software. The software and driver is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Our test PC is running Windows 7.

The printer installed when we plugged in the USB cable between the Printer and the PC and switched on the iX4-250. After installation finished, we opened Bartender UL and designed a rather complex label with Text and QR Code barcodes.

The iX4-250 printed the first 10 labels perfectly at 203dpi and at a speed of 8ips.

We ran the next batch of 100 prints through the printer with the same perfect quality. Labels printed well and the alignment stayed true.

The printer runs smoothly with not much noise or vibration. We were quite impressed with the operation of the printer.

Interfaces of the iX4-250

The Argox iX4-250 comes standard with the following communication ports – Ethernet, USB Device, Dual USB Hosts and Serial (RS232). Making it ideal for most situations or applications. We tested the printer using the USB Device Port.

The iX4-250 can be further expanded with an optional WiFi module and GPIO card/Parallel port.


The printer has lived up to the quality we have come to expect from Argox and does not disappoint at all. The build is solid and the quality of the frame and metal covers are good. 

We can really recommend this printer for a high volume, heavy duty application. Operation is easy and the iX4-250 label printer is not complicated at all.

View iX4-250 Product Brochure

View iX4-250 User Manual

Thermal Print Head

Thermal Print Head Cleaning.

The Thermal Print Head of Barcode Label Printers are often the most expensive part of the printer. Proper care and cleaning should be done often to prolong the life of the thermal print head.

It is strongly recommended that you clean the print head when you load a new roll of media (label roll), or when you notice the print quality declines. If a label or portion of a label gets stuck on the thermal print head, NEVER use any sharp or hard instrument to try and remove the label. 

Thermal Print Head Cleaning Tips.

  1. Switch the printer off and wait until the print head has cooled down
  2. Do not use water on any part of the printer to clean the print head or casing
  3. Do not touch the print head with your hands or sharp objects
  4. Moisten a cloth or cotton swab with Ethyl Alcohol and wipe the thermal print head in one direction only. Rubbing back and forth can cause dirt to get stuck again.
  5. Let the Ethyl Alcohol dry before using the printer again.
  6. If a label has become stuck, gently peel it off with your hands and use Ethyl Alcohol to remove the residue.

Regular cleaning will prolong the life of your print head and ensure clear label prints. For any questions or advice, contact us on 011 425 5439 or


Argox Barcode Printers

Argox direct thermal label printer

Argox D4-250 Direct Thermal Label Printer

The Argox D4-250 Direct Thermal is a new model from one of the leading manufacturers that supports a wide range of applications at an affordable price.

We often take a product and take an in depth look at its design, construction and workings. Last week it was the Argox D4-250’s turn. The printer was put through its paces with very satisfactory results.

Firstly lets look at its features.

  • Compact size, unit really has a small footprint, ideal for desks or tight spaces.
  • The Clam Shell design makes it easy to load rolls of paper labels
  • The connectivity is great! The printer has onboard USB Host, USB Device, Serial and Ethernet. Making it ideal for most applications.
  • If wired connectivity is a problem, the D4-250 can be expanded with a WiFi or Bluetooth module – Great!
  • The Argox D4-250 has received Cerner Certification!
  • The printing speed of max 6 ips produces great prints.

After testing the printer we came to the conclusion that the D4-250 really lives up to the claims made by the manufacturer and could not fault the printer and can really recommend the printer for low to medium volume use.

The cost of the D4-250 is normally *R3 698 ex vat without any discounts or special offers.

The cost of the replacement Thermal Print Head is also not excessive at *R1 445 ex vat (ARG59-D42A1-001). If care of the Thermal Print Head is taken and regularly cleaned, it can last a long time without giving the dreaded “dead lines” problem.

The cost of the WiFi module is *R3 610 ex vat (59P4201001) and the Bluetooth module is *R1 060 ex vat (59D4201001). 

*Price indicated is normal list price and correct during Feb 2018

We  recommend the Argox D4-250 Direct Thermal for your Direct Thermal 4″ label printing needs!

General Specifications of the Argox D4-250

 Printing Resolution 203 dpi(8 dots/mm)
  Printing Speed Max. 6 ips
  Printing Length Max. 100”(2540mm)
  Printing Width Max. 4.25”(108mm)
  Memory 32 MB SDRAM, 16MB Flash ROM (USB storage up to 32GB)
  CPU Type 32 bit RISC microprocessor
  Sensors Reflective sensor x 1 (movable) & Transmissive sensor x 1 (fixed, 6.27mm offset)
  Operation Interface LED Indicator x 2, Botton(Feed) x 1
  Communication Interface USB device, RS-232, Ethernet, USB host
  Fonts Internal character sets standard 5 alpha-numeric fonts from 0.049”H ~ 0.23” H (1.25mm ~ 6.0mm) Internal fonts are expandable up to 24×24 4 direction 0 ~ 270 rotation Soft fonts are downloadable Ability to print any Windows True Type font easily Support scalable font
  Wireless Security N/A
  1D Barcodes UPC-A, UPC-E, JAN/EAN, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, GS1-128 (UCC/EAN128), CODABAR (NW-7), ITF, Industrial 2of5, MSI, UPCadd-on code, POSTNET, GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional, GS1 DataBar Truncated, GS1 DataBar Stacked, GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional, GS1DataBar Limited, GS1 DataBar Expanded, GS1DataBar Expanded Stacked
  2D Barcodes QR Code, PDF417 (includingMicroPDF), DataMatrix (ECC200), GS1 DataMatrix, MaxiCode
  Graphics PPLA: PCX, BMP, IMG, HEX,GDI PPLB: PCX, BMP, Binary raster, GDI PPLZ: GRF, Hex, GDI
  Emulation PPLA, PPLB, PPLZ
  Software-label Editing Windows Driver (Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10), BarTender® from Seaguall Scientific
  Windows Compatibility N/A
  Software-utility Printer Tool
  Media Type Roll-feed, die-cut, continuous, fan-fold, black mark, tags, ticket or plain paper label
  Media Max. width: 4.65” (118mm). Min. width: 0.88” (22.4mm). Thickness: 0.0024”~0.0075” (0.06mm~0.19mm) 5”(127mm) OD on a 1”/1.5” (25.4/38 mm) ID core; Dealer Option external media stand 8” OD on 1”/3” ID Core
  Ribbon N/A
  Drop Resistance N/A
  Printer Dimensions W 183mm x H 225.9mm x D 166mm
  Printer Weight 1.76 kg
  Power Source Universal Switching Power Supply Input: 100V~240V±10%, 1.5A, 50~60Hz, Output: 24VDC, 2.4A
  Battery N/A
  Operation Environment Operation Temperature: 41°F~104°F (5°C~40°C), 0% ~ 90% non-condensing, Storage Temperature: -4°F~140°F (-20°C~60°C)
  Real Time Clock N/A
  Standard Item N/A
  Optional Items Guillotine-Full Cutter / Partial Cutter, Dispenser , External media stand, Bluetooth, WLAN



Barcode Scanner Specials

Rugged 2D Barcode Scanner

Cipherlab 1704 Rugged 2D Barcode Scanner

CipherLab’s handheld 2D scanner enables you to capture more symbologies in nearly any application. For manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, and more, you can depend on the CipherLab 1704 scanner to help save money and increase productivity.

Rugged Value, High Performance LONG-LASTING VALUE We designed the 1704 to give you long-lasting value by making it rugged with a low-cost investment. Built to IP54 specifications and repeatedly drop-tested from 1.8 meters, the 1704 withstands sudden shock, dusty environments, and splashing water. Even in the harsh environments of manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics it keeps delivering high performance for years to come.

The 1704 scanner captures both 2D and 1D barcodes in the same rugged unit. Its high-resolution imager is ideal for damaged or poorly printed barcodes, allowing accurate data capture even when barcodes are scratched and damaged.

With three modes of “good scan” confirmation, the 1704 allows work to proceed, even in dark, noisy or distracting environments. Choose confirmation signals from a bright LED alert, adjustable volume alert, or vibration in the handle. Few other 2D scanners offer such a complete choice of alerts, tailored to the rigors of your workplace.

With the 1704, you can easily enable higher levels of authentication. The 1704’s 1.3 megapixel, high-resolution imager lets you capture signatures for processes requiring a greater degree of authorization or documentation, such as confirmation of a damaged shipment. An option allows capture of documents as large as A4.

Click here to download the Cipherlab 1704 Specification Sheet

Promotion on Current Stock (November 2017) R1 799 incl vat


Barcode Scanner Repairs

Zebex Z-6070 Barcode Scanner Repairs

The Zebex Z-6070 USB Presentation Barcode Scanner is a good unit that very seldom fails or developes major faults. 

The only problem that seems to occur frequently is the two reset buttons on the sides of the scanner that become faulty or in many cases just goes missing.

Our Technical Guy received quite a few from a client. The units were all first tested and no other faults were found apart from the missing switches and rubber covers.

The units were stripped, washed, serviced and re-assembled. New switches were soldered into place and new rubber covers fitted.

The Z-6070 was plugged into the PC and function tested with the new switches and unit worked 100%. Scanner is ready for collection by the client.

Contact us for repairs or advice on keeping your Zebex scanners working at their best.

Barcode Scanner Repairs

Cipherlab 8001 Repair and Service

Our Technical Team received this Cipherlab 8001 Portable Data Terminal that had no sound when the buttons were pressed or when scanning. The unit was also scanning poorly.

Our Technical Guy tested the unit and determined that the small beeper on the board was not working and the scan lens dirty causing the unit to not scan aggressively.

The unit was stripped of its covers which were washed together with the keypad. 

The faulty beeper was removed from the main PCB and a new one soldered in its place. The scan lens was washed and polished.

The 8001 PDT was assembled and put through its paces and all tests passed.

Unit 100% functional and ready for client collection.

Contact us for servicing and repairs on the Cipherlab 8000 Range.

Barcode Scanners

Honeywell Retired Barcode Scanner Replacements

There are some Honeywell Barcode Scanner Models that have been retired lately, below are two retired models and their replacements.

Handheld Products 3800G, Welch Allyn 3800G and the later model Honeywell 3800G.

Replacement for the 3800G will be the new Honeywell 1300G Hyperion Linear Imager Barcode Scanner. The Hyperion 1300g delivers outstanding linear imaging performance and versatility. Fast intuitive bar code reading out to 457mm, and high density bar code reading are both enabled in a single device, eliminating the need to purchase specialty scanners. The Hyperion 1300G is available in USB, Keyboard Wedge and RS232 Kits.

Honeywell Eclipse 5145. The replacement for the Eclipse will either the Honeywell Youjie YJ3300 or the Honeywell 1250G Laser Barcode Scanners.  The 1250G is available in USB, Keyboard Wedge and Serial Kits and comes with a flex neck stand. The YJ3300 is only available in USB.

If you need to upgrade or replace your existing Barcode Scanners with new technology scanners, give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Barcode Scanner Repairs Barcode Scanners Faulty barcode scanner

Vertical or Presentation Barcode Scanners not Scanning Effectively

If your vertical or presentation scanner is battling to scan smaller barcodes which it once did effectively, it is possibly caused by a dust buildup internally on the optic surfaces.

The laser scanners all use a rotating mirror motor which spins at high speed to distribute the laser light across mirrors to achieve the scan pattern that scans barcodes at different angles. This spinning motor causes air movement inside the scanner enclosure that sucks in dust over time.

The dust settles and coates the highly reflective mirrors causing the beam to loose its “sharpness” and scanning becomes more and more difficult.

This dust also settles on the inside of the scan window which hinders the reflected light from reaching the sensor that reads the barcode inside the enclosure. 

Don’t suffer the frustration of the barcode scanner that battles to scan – bring or send it to our Technical Guy for a thorough cleaning. All covers are washed and the reflective mirrors are cleaned and polished, PC boards are cleaned. The scanner will, after this “Service”, scan all your barcodes aggressively again. 

Barcode Scanner Repairs Barcode Scanners

Honeywell 3800G and 1300G Barcode Scanner Cables

Please be aware that the Honeywell 3800G and the 1300G models look similar but do not use the same cable.

The connector end of the cables differ between the 3800G and the 1300G

Apart from the physical difference between the cables, the pin configurations also differ resulting in damaged to the components on the PC Board.

The 1300G cable can not be inserted into the 3800G but we have seen cables that have pushed in with force or the end caps have been changed to allow the cable to fit. 

Please note that using the wrong cable on the wrong scanner results in a blown board which can not be repaired. Always ensure that you have the correct cable.

Contact us for information or inquiries on Barcode Scanner Cables.

Barcode Label Printer Repairs

Bixolon SRP-770II Repair and Service

Our technical department received this Bixolon SRP-770II for a Thermal Print Head change and a major service.

It is evident that this printer works hard and has printed hundreds if not thousands of labels in quite a dirty environment.

The printer was completely stripped down, covers washed and main PC Board cleaned. Re-assembled and all gears greased.

The new Thermal Print Head was fitted last and printer was put through its paces, printing 50 labels successfully.

Printer is ready to get back to work!


Argox Barcode Printers Barcode Label Printers

Argox O4-250 Label Desktop Printer

This new model Barcode and Label Printer from Argox is ideal for low to medium general purpose use.

The O4 series offers a user friendly clamshell design that allows users to simply open the cover and easily load thermal ribbon and media.

The O4-250 prints at 7 inches per second or 17.78 cm per second. Printing at this speed it still maintains the perfect print quality.

The O4-250 comes with built in Ethernet, Dual USB hosts, USB device and RS232 (Serial). WiFi and Bluetooth modules can be purchased making this a versatile printer ready for any low to medium volume applications.

The O4-250 prints at 203dpi (8 dots/mm) and can be used as a Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal printer. The maximum printing width is 108mm and maximum print length is 2540mm. It has 1 Media Transmissive Sensor, 1 movable Media Reflective Sensor, Ribbon end sensor and a head open switch.

The following media types can be used: Roll Feed, Die Cut, Continuous, Fan Fold, Black Mark, Tags, Tickets in Thermal or Plain Paper.

It facilitates Thermal Ribbon from 25.4mm to 110mm wide and the maximum length is 110m with a core size of 13mm which is standard on the Argox Desktop Label Printers.

The O4-250 prints all the standard 1D barcodes and the following 2D codes: QR Code, PDF417 (including MicroPDF), DataMatrix (ECC200), GS1 DataMatrix, MaxiCode

The O4 series printers ship with Windows Driver (Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10), Bartender UL from Seaguall Scientific and Printer Tool.

A Full Cutter, Partial Cutter, Peeler, External media stand can be purchased as optional accessories.

The printer has a relatively small footprint at Width 209mm, Height 179.2mm, Depth 266mm and weighs 2.2 kg.

For pricing on the Argox O4-250 contact us today. The printer will be on Promotion during the month of September 2017. Email or Call 011 425 5439

Cipherlab Mobile Computers Mobile Printers

Cipherlab RS31 Touch Mobile Computer with Andoid 6.0 Now Available!

The RS31 series has built-in multi-touch panel that provides a smooth touch-centric experience for its users. Its high sensible touch panel supports users’ touches from bare fingertips to latex gloves. Performing under the Andriod 6.0 operating system, the RS31 ensures minimal user training with similar personal smartphone operation experiences. Weighing at 260 grams, its lightweight design allows users to carry it around without any burdens. The RS31 series’ large 4.7” display panel, viewable under sunlight and dim ward with its high definition IPS LCD, allows for more viewable data so information checking and customer responses are quick and easy.

Contact us for more information or view here

Barcode Label Printer Repairs

Repairs and Servicing of an Argox X2000+ Barcode Label Printer

Procedure explained for repairs and servicing to an Argox printer.

When we receive a barcode label printer for repairs the printer is first tested to determine any faults in the operation of the printer. The printer is then opened for a visual inspection of all the components and boards. 

At this point a quote is prepared and sent to the client for approval. Once the go-ahead has been given the printer is stripped and all components washed and cleaned. Non washable parts are cleaned with compressed air, like the PC Boards etc.

Once the printer body and components have been cleaned the printer is re-assembled and faulty parts are replaced. 

The Thermal Print Head is cleaned and checked for any scratches or replaced depending on the condition determined when initial tests were done and is fitted last.

Once the printer is completely assembled it is given a full function test and any adjustments are made to the printing mechanism. Once we are happy with the functioning of the printer it is ready to be collected or delivered to the client.

For repairs or servicing of your label printer, contact us on 011 425 5439 or

We strive to keep the turn around times as short as possible! (depending on the availability of spares)

Barcode Scanner Specials Barcode Scanners New Barcode Scanners and Printers

General Purpose Handheld Barcode Scanner Argox AS-8050

Argox AS-8050 an excellent general purpose handheld barcode scanner!

Fast 1D barcode reading.

New technology and powerful scan engine with excellent performance highly increases the reading speed.

Up to 3mil reading capacity.

High density resolution that can capture the code on 3mil barcode such as jewelry tags.

Easy to read screen barcodes.

Support all type of electronic device, such as mobile phone, tablet and LCD displays.

For More Information and Pricing click here

Argox Barcode Printers Barcode Label Printers

New! Argox 04-250 Desktop Label Printer

Argox Barcode Printers Barcode Label Printers

Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printer Argox CP-2240

For more information on the Argox CP-2240 click here

Barcode Label Printers Mobile Printers

Brother RJ-3150 Rugged Mobile Receipt and Label Printer

Our RJ-3000 Series portable printers are smaller and lighter than ever before. They provide the perfect on-person device for mobile workers needing a 2” or 3” printing solution – from emergency services and field sales to delivery drivers, engineers and traffic wardens. And the RJ-3150 can print up to 3” receipts, quotes and labels on the spot with preview, thanks to the 3.3″ colour LCD display.

Its thermal printing technology means users don’t have to worry about ink or toner, while its IP54 certification—the toughest tests against dust and water—means you are assured of its continued reliability whatever the conditions. Plus ZPL compatibility also allows existing applications for label/receipt printers to work with the RJ device.

For more information or quotes contact or Tel 011 425 5439

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Wireless Barcode Scanners

Wireless or portable barcode scanners can mean one of two things:

  1. Normal Barcode Scanners with no wire connecting them to a terminal but using a radio frequency or Bluetooth connection between the scanner and its base station.
  2. A portable data terminal is also sometimes referred to as a wireless scanner. A PDT is a device with a display, keyboard and a scanner that either stores the scanned data in its memory for later download or transmits the data via Bluetooth or WiFi.
Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. Portable Data Terminal or Mobile Computer

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

As stated before, these type of scanners use Bluetooth to communicate between the handheld scanner and its base station/charger. The base station is connected to a PC or other terminal with a USB cable. The scanners are also able to connect directly to a bluetooth enabled device such as a tablet or smartphone etc.

The working range between the scanner and its base station varies from 10 to 100 m depending on the manufacturer and model. The scanners use re-chargeable batteries for power and these are charged when the scanner is placed into the base/charger. The number of scans that the scanner can do on a charge average about 40 000 scans but again it depends on the manufacturer and model.

The Honeywell Voyager 1202g-bf wireless scanner does not use a battery but rather a “super capacitor” to power the unit, a first in its class! The scanner when placed in its charger takes about 35 seconds to charge and this will provide enough power for at least 100 scans.

To see our range of Wireless Barcode Scanners Click here … 

Contact us today to discuss the various models and which one would best suite your application.

Barcode Label Printers

What you will need to create your own Barcode Labels.

To print your own labels with either text or barcodes or both, you will need the following:

  1. Barcode Label Printer
  2. Barcode Software
  3. Self adhesive labels or tags
  4. Thermal Ribbon if using Thermal Transfer Printer

Barcode Label Printers

There are a variety of label printers available from the leading manufacturers like Argox, Honeywell (Intermec), Datamax, Zebra. Printers are available from Entry level (Low volume) to Industrial Strength (High volume).

We at JNS Technologies aren’t tied down to a specific brand of printer enabling us to offer you the printer to best suite your application.

There are two methods used to print barcode labels namely:

  • Thermal Transfer more commonly known as “TT”
  • Direct Thermal more commonly known as “DT”

Thermal Transfer Method uses an ink ribbon situated between the thermal print head and label. Heat from the print head essentially burns the ink onto the label creating a clear long lasting print.

Direct Thermal Method uses no ribbon but prints directly on the label. The labels have to be thermal paper labels similar to the older fax machine prints. These labels are not long lasting and are easily scuffed and affected by heat and moisture.

Barcode Software

Most barcode printers come with a free version of label design software, drivers and other utilities.

If you need more functionality that what the free versions offer then there are software packages available that can be purchased.

The free versions like Bartender UL which ships with the Argox printers allows you to create labels with text, simple graphics and a barcode. The labels can be saved and used again when desired. The Bartender UL package is normally all that is needed, we have very few clients that have purchased other additional software.


JNS Technologies does not directly deal with label sales but we will depending on your location suggest a company in your area that can supply you with the labels according to your specifications.

Thermal Ribbons

Thermal Transfer ribbons are available from us in different sizes to fit most of the popular printers. There are three types of ribbon available for the different label material. When speaking to your label supplier they will be able to suggest which type of ribbon will be best suited to the label you are purchasing.

Ribbon types are:

  • Wax Ribbon
  • Wax/Resin Ribbon
  • Resin Ribbon.

When you order ribbon from us, please give the following information

  • Length of ribbon
  • Width of ribbon
  • Core size or printer make and model

More information

If you require any further information on the printing of barcode labels or need a quote on printers, don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Tel: 011 425 5439
Cell: 071 411 2567

QR Code Barcode Scanners

QR Code Scanners

What is a QR Code and which Barcode Scanners can read them?
A QR Code or Quick Response Code are 2D (Two Dimensional) barcodes that can hold a lot more information that the traditional 1D (One Dimensional) Barcode.

1D Barcode 2D Barcode or QR Code

QR Codes are printed in magazines, business cards and can be sent to smart phones to perform a variety of functions.

QR Code Scanners or Readers

The majority of the 2D scanners supplied by us are able to read QR codes that are printed or off screens.

Honeywell Youjie YJ4600 2D USB Barcode Scanner (Cost Effective Scanner)

Honeywell 1450G 2D USB Barcode Scanner

Honeywell 1452G 2D Wireless Bluetooth USB Barcode Scanner

Honeywell Youjie YJ4600 USB Honeywell 1450G USB Honeywell 1452G Bluetooth USB
Faulty Barcode Printers

Problems with Barcode Printers

Are you having a problem with your printed barcode labels? We will try and give examples of all the faults and how to remedy them.

Barcode scanners not able to read your printed label

The most common cause of scanners not being able to read barcodes  printed on labels is caused by dead pixels on the Thermal Print Head. These dead pixels result in missing lines in the barcode. Clean the Thermal Print Head with isopropyl alcohol and a soft cloth to remove any dirt from the print head. Never use any abrasive or sharp object to remove dirt or stuck labels as this will damage the print head. If the labels are still not printing correctly after cleaning then you will have to replace the Thermal Print Head.

Printed labels have sections where the print looks lighter or is missing

If you look at the printed label and part of the print is missing, smudged or light then follow the steps above to clean the Thermal Print Head or have it replaced.

Printed labels are too light or look dark and smudged

When looking at the labels and the print is dark and smudged or is feint then change the heat setting of the print head either higher or lower and re-test the print. This problem can also be caused by an incorrect ribbon type for the labels you are using. Ribbons come in three types – Wax, Wax Resin and Resin. Speak to your label supplier to find out which type of ribbon will be best suited to the label material.

Printer printing across two labels or skipping labels

The common cause of skipping labels or not aligning the print correctly on the label is the Media Sensor. The media sensor detects the gap or black line between the labels allowing the printer to “know” where the label begin and ends. Locate the media sensor and run a soft clean cloth over the sensor to remove any dirt from it. after installing the label through the sensor, press the feed button to test, after feeding one label the printer should stop. The problem can also be caused by having the size of the label incorrectly set in the software you are using on the computer. Having the label dimensions larger than what the physical label is can also cause misaligned print and skipping labels. If after cleaning and checking the dimensions you still have the problem then the media sensor is possibly faulty and will need to be changed.

Printer making grinding noises or is excessively noisy

The label printers use either belts or gears to drive the mechanisms that move the platten roller and ribbon take up spools. These do wear over time and need to be replaced. We suggest having your printer serviced every six months so that parts can be cleaned or replaced.

Contact us for further information on Barcode Label Printer servicing or repairs on 011 425 5439 or email

Faulty barcode scanner

Barcode Scanner not working?

Are you facing the frustration of a barcode scanner that is not working as it should? We will in this article try and give you ideas of what to look for to rectify the problem you are having.

Not scanning barcode. 

If you are pointing the scanner at the barcode and activating the trigger and not getting any audible or visual indication that the barcode has been read it is normally due to a dirty scan lens. Check the scan lens for dirt or smudges. Clean the lens with a soft cloth moistened with some water or mild detergent. If the scan lens is badly scratched or chipped you will need to send the scanner for repair to have the lens changed or polished.

Scanning barcode but nothing appearing on connected device.

If you have scanned the barcode and got the audible and visual indication of a good read but nothing gets transmitted to the PC, POS Terminal or other device then check the following:

  1. Check that the scanner is set to the correct interface (Cable).  Reprogram the scanner using the programming manual to correct interface.
  2. Make sure cables are properly plugged into the scanner and host. If using a USB scanner, unplug from the host and plug back in. Check the condition of the cable and connectors. The cables eventually harden at the scanner side causing the internal wires to break.
  3. If using a keyboard wedge cable check that no pins have been bent or broken off inside the PS2 connectors.

The scanner causes an error on the software running on the host.

Check the suffix and prefix programmed into the scanner. This type of problem is mostly caused by incorrect or missing prefixes or suffixes. Use the programming manual to set the scanner back to factory default then set to the correct interface with a suffix of CR (Carriage Return). This normally sorts out most of the communication problems or errors.

Scanner completely dead.

Here are a couple of guidelines for you to check:

  1. Check condition of cables and pins if applicable, make sure the cable is securely plugged in to the scanner and the host terminal.
  2. If an external Power Supply is required and being used, check that it has an output voltage and is securely plugged into the appropriate receptacle.
  3. If using a USB interface scanner plug the cable into another USB port on the host. It is possible that the USB port is faulty or dead.

If none of the above helps to solve the problem you are having contact us. Our technical department will do its best to have the unit repaired in the shortest time possible. All faulty scanners are to be sent to our premises for repair, we unfortunately do not do any field repairs.

Barcode Scanners Bluetooth Barcode Scanners

New Battery Free Wireless Barcode Scanner Honeywell 1202g-BF

The Voyager 1202g-bf is the first battery free bluetooth laser barcode scanner. Instead of using a conventional battery to power the scanner the 1202g-bf uses a supercapacitor capable of achieving a full charge in less than 35 seconds. That is enough power for at least 100 scans.

With no tethered cable to trip over, you’ll benefit from complete freedom of movement up to 10 meters (33 feet) from the base in a typical work environment. In fact, with a clear line-of-sight to the base, you can get a wireless range of up to 30 m (100 ft). We’ve even added a paging system on the base to help you locate a misplaced scanner.

Built on the proven Voyager platform, the 1202g-bf mobile device offers high performance linear barcode scanning and the convenience of wireless – all without the battery!

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