Label Design Software

Bartender Label Design Software by Seagull Scientific and NiceLabel Label Design Software available from JNS Technologies.

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Part Number Description
BAR BT16BSC Basic – Single user license
BAR BT 16 PRO Pro – Single user license
BAR BT16A3 Automation 3 Printer License
BAR BT16A5 Automation 5 Printer License
BAR BT16A10 Automation 10 Printer License
BAR BT16EA3 Enterprise Automation 3 Printer License
BAR BT16EA5 Enterprise Automation 5 Printer License
BAR BT16EA10 Enterprise Automation 10 Printer License


Part Number Description
NICE LABEL NLDEXX001S Designer Express 1 user
NICE LABEL NLDPXX001S Designer Pro 1 user
NICE LABEL NLDPXX003S Designer Pro 3 printers
NICE LABEL NLDPXX005S Designer Pro 5 printers
NICE LABEL NLDPXX010S Designer Pro 10 printers*
NICE LABEL NLDPAD005S Designer Pro 5 printer add-on