Cipherlab 8001 Portable Data Terminal Laser

CipherLab 8001 terminals are hardworking partners for busy workers in virtually every retail environment. From grocery and convenience stores to specialty and department stores. The 8001 series mobile computers combine easy scanning, accurate data capture, long working hours, and powerful options in a compact handheld. With efficient data capture and control, shelves stay fully stocked and merchandise moving. Sales staff spend less time fussing with details and more time creating customer satisfaction and revenue. Handy 8000s add robust performance and flexible functionality to fast-moving companies that recognize the value of data management.

Cipherlab 8001 Portable Data Terminal

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Cipherlab 8001

Description: Cipherlab 8001 Batch Portable Data Terminal with Laser Scan Engine.

Kit Includes: 8001PDT, Charging and Communication Cradle, USB Cable, Power Supply.

Stock Code: SYN 8001 PDT 4M L USB

Warranty: 12 Months supported in South Africa

Ideal for: Stock Taking, Stock Control, Asset Management and many other applications

The power to keep business moving — right in the hands of the people that need it most in retail, healthcare, field sales or warehousing. Hardworking 8000 series mobile computers provide the power of modern data management — easy scanning, accurate data capture and entry — in one efficient, cost-effective solution.