Barcode Scanner Repairs

Zebex Z-6070 Barcode Scanner Repairs

The Zebex Z-6070 USB Presentation Barcode Scanner is a good unit that very seldom fails or developes major faults. 

The only problem that seems to occur frequently is the two reset buttons on the sides of the scanner that become faulty or in many cases just goes missing.

Our Technical Guy received quite a few from a client. The units were all first tested and no other faults were found apart from the missing switches and rubber covers.

The units were stripped, washed, serviced and re-assembled. New switches were soldered into place and new rubber covers fitted.

The Z-6070 was plugged into the PC and function tested with the new switches and unit worked 100%. Scanner is ready for collection by the client.

Contact us for repairs or advice on keeping your Zebex scanners working at their best.

Barcode Scanner Repairs

Cipherlab 8001 Repair and Service

Our Technical Team received this Cipherlab 8001 Portable Data Terminal that had no sound when the buttons were pressed or when scanning. The unit was also scanning poorly.

Our Technical Guy tested the unit and determined that the small beeper on the board was not working and the scan lens dirty causing the unit to not scan aggressively.

The unit was stripped of its covers which were washed together with the keypad. 

The faulty beeper was removed from the main PCB and a new one soldered in its place. The scan lens was washed and polished.

The 8001 PDT was assembled and put through its paces and all tests passed.

Unit 100% functional and ready for client collection.

Contact us for servicing and repairs on the Cipherlab 8000 Range.

Barcode Scanner Repairs Barcode Scanners Faulty barcode scanner

Vertical or Presentation Barcode Scanners not Scanning Effectively

If your vertical or presentation scanner is battling to scan smaller barcodes which it once did effectively, it is possibly caused by a dust buildup internally on the optic surfaces.

The laser scanners all use a rotating mirror motor which spins at high speed to distribute the laser light across mirrors to achieve the scan pattern that scans barcodes at different angles. This spinning motor causes air movement inside the scanner enclosure that sucks in dust over time.

The dust settles and coates the highly reflective mirrors causing the beam to loose its “sharpness” and scanning becomes more and more difficult.

This dust also settles on the inside of the scan window which hinders the reflected light from reaching the sensor that reads the barcode inside the enclosure. 

Don’t suffer the frustration of the barcode scanner that battles to scan – bring or send it to our Technical Guy for a thorough cleaning. All covers are washed and the reflective mirrors are cleaned and polished, PC boards are cleaned. The scanner will, after this “Service”, scan all your barcodes aggressively again. 

Barcode Scanner Repairs Barcode Scanners

Honeywell 3800G and 1300G Barcode Scanner Cables

Please be aware that the Honeywell 3800G and the 1300G models look similar but do not use the same cable.

The connector end of the cables differ between the 3800G and the 1300G

Apart from the physical difference between the cables, the pin configurations also differ resulting in damaged to the components on the PC Board.

The 1300G cable can not be inserted into the 3800G but we have seen cables that have pushed in with force or the end caps have been changed to allow the cable to fit. 

Please note that using the wrong cable on the wrong scanner results in a blown board which can not be repaired. Always ensure that you have the correct cable.

Contact us for information or inquiries on Barcode Scanner Cables.