Barcode Label Printer Repairs

Barcode Label Printer Service

After many hours of operation a Label Printer accumulates dust and dirt that can be harmful to the Thermal Print Head, Platen Rollers, gears or belts and the Main PC Board. It makes sense to have your barcode label printer serviced after a years operation. 

The service consists of:

  • Stripping the printer for visual inspection of all moving parts etc
  • Cleaning the Thermal Print Head
  • Cleaning the Platten Roller
  • Cleaning all gears, bushes or bearings
  • Cleaning the PCB Boards of dust or other contaminates
  • Washing the covers, metal or plastic
  • Greasing bearings or bushes if applicable
  • Re-assembling the label printer
  • Testing the full operation of the label printer and reporting any worn parts or faults to the client

A full service costs R350 excluding vat and excludes any spares that might be needed.

Barcode Label Printer Repairs

Bixolon SRP-770II Repair and Service

Our technical department received this Bixolon SRP-770II for a Thermal Print Head change and a major service.

It is evident that this printer works hard and has printed hundreds if not thousands of labels in quite a dirty environment.

The printer was completely stripped down, covers washed and main PC Board cleaned. Re-assembled and all gears greased.

The new Thermal Print Head was fitted last and printer was put through its paces, printing 50 labels successfully.

Printer is ready to get back to work!


Barcode Label Printer Repairs

Repairs and Servicing of an Argox X2000+ Barcode Label Printer

Procedure explained for repairs and servicing to an Argox printer.

When we receive a barcode label printer for repairs the printer is first tested to determine any faults in the operation of the printer. The printer is then opened for a visual inspection of all the components and boards. 

At this point a quote is prepared and sent to the client for approval. Once the go-ahead has been given the printer is stripped and all components washed and cleaned. Non washable parts are cleaned with compressed air, like the PC Boards etc.

Once the printer body and components have been cleaned the printer is re-assembled and faulty parts are replaced. 

The Thermal Print Head is cleaned and checked for any scratches or replaced depending on the condition determined when initial tests were done and is fitted last.

Once the printer is completely assembled it is given a full function test and any adjustments are made to the printing mechanism. Once we are happy with the functioning of the printer it is ready to be collected or delivered to the client.

For repairs or servicing of your label printer, contact us on 011 425 5439 or

We strive to keep the turn around times as short as possible! (depending on the availability of spares)