Brother P-Touch Accessories

The following Accessories are available for the P-Touch Labelling Machines

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Part Number Code Description
BROTHER BA 7000 PT 7600 Battery Pack
BROLA 8293001 PT 9600 Battery Pack
BROTHER BAE 001 PT E300, E550 & PT-750W Battery Pack
BROTHER 9 V Adapter (AD-24ES-EU) PT 80,M95,H105,H110,D200,D200KT,D210,1230,1290,2100,2430,2700,2730,7100, E100VP, P300BT
BROTHER 12 V Adapter (AD-18ES-EU) PT 7600, D450,D600, P700, P750W
BROTHER 24 V Adapter (AD-9100-EU) PT 3600, 9500, 9600, 9700PC, 9800PCN, P900W, P950NW, D800W, E800T
BROTHER ADE 001 PT E300/E550 Power Supply
BROTHER PA-BB-002 Battery Base for Lithium-Ion Battery – PT-P900W/P950NW
BROTHER PA-BB-003 Battery Base for Lithium-Ion Battery – PT-D800W/E800T
BROTHER PA-BT-4000LI Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery for PT-D800W, P900W/P950NW
BROTHER PA-SCA-001 Serial Adapter Cable, RJ45 – DB9M for PT-P900W/P950NW
BROTHER PA-BI-002 Bluetooth Interface for PT-P950NW only
BROTHER PA-TDU-003 Touch Panel Display Unit for PT-P950NW only
BROTHER TC 5 CUTTER BLADES – PT 1000, 1200, 1250, 1280
BROTHER TC 8 CUTTER BLADES – PT1090, PT1250, PT1280, PT7100
BROTHER TC 9 CUTTER BLADES – PT 300, 310, 340, 1800