• USB Barcode Scanner for General Use
    The Datalogic Quickscan QW2120 Lite is our best selling and most popular USB Barcode Scanner. The QW2120 is ideal for Retail, Light Manufacturing, Document and Bill Processing, Banking and Financial Environments. The QW2120 USB Barcode Scanner Features: Wide Scan Angle for wider barcodes Datalogic patented “Green Spot” technology. Apart from an audible beep and LED […]
  • Types of Barcode Scanners Explained
    There is such a variety of different types of Barcode Scanners available that it can be quite confusing to figure out which model will suite your specific application. In this article I will try my best to explain the differences between the different types. Categories of Barcode Scanners Linear or 1D Barcode Scanners Imaging 1D […]
  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Datalogic GBT4500
    The Datalogic GBT4500 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner represents the premium range of hand held scanners from Datalogic for general purpose applications. Designed with people in mind, the Datalogic Gryphon GBT4500 stands out with its elegant and cutting edge design, the unchallenged ergonomics, and features the most advanced Megapixel sensor with white-illumination 2D technology for outstanding performance. […]
    Proline Tablet H10888M Android 8.1 Oreo Promotion Valid 1st October 2020 to 6th October 2020 or while stocks last Price: R2 299 incl vat Delivery not included PROLINE TABLET SPECIFICATIONS 10.1” 1280 x 800 IPS Display   Android Oreo Operating System 1.3GHz Quad-Core MTK8735 CPU 2GB DDR3 RAM 32GB Internal Storage Bluetooth 4.0, 4G & […]
  • Setting Up The 8001 With Lookup File
    Here I will explain how to set the Cipherlab 8001 to accept and work with a Lookup file. The lookup file will allow the user to scan an item and see the matching description or any other information in the lookup file on the display. We will use the Forge Batch Application Generator explained in […]
  • Using The Forge Batch Application Generator
    A tutorial on the Cipherlab Forge Batch Application Generator for the 8001 PDT. It will work the same for the rest of the 8 Series PDT’s from Cipherlab. Screen sizes may differ and there will be additional features but the basics stay the same. To install the USB Drivers and the Forge Batch Application Generator […]
  • Cipherlab 8001 Erasing the Flash Memory
    Cipherlab 8001 Erasing Flash Memory – There might come a time when you find it necessary to erase the memory. Here is a step by step guide on the procedure and to reload the firmware file. Three Modes Available Lets first look at the three modes that can be selected on the Cipherlab 8001. Application […]
  • Reloading Firmware Cipherlab 8001
    Reloading firmware on the Cipherlab 8001 is needed after erasing the flash memory explained in a previous article. We will be loading the file “U8000-v4020.shx” which will take the unit back to its factory default state illustrated in the pic below. Forge Batch Application Generator You should have the USB Drivers and the Forge Batch […]
  • How to install the Cipherlab 8001
    A short tutorial on how to install the Cipherlab 8001 and 8200 on your computer. This covers the USB kit, the RS232 model is slightly simpler. Install the USB Drivers First download USB Drivers (CP210x_VCP_Windows_v6.7) and install. This will install the USB Driver needed to make the Cipherlab 8001 communicate with your PC via the USB […]
  • Newland NFT10 Pilot Pro Android Mobile Computer
    The newly released Newland NFT10 Pilot Pro We are quite excited about Newland NFT10 Pilot Pro that has just been released by Newland. This mobile computer come with Android 9.0 and is the first Newland unit to be Android Enterprise recommended. Additionally, GMS services are included. Features of the Newland NFT10 Pilot Pro Comprehensive data […]
  • Cheap Barcode Scanners for sale
    Cheap Entry Level Barcode Scanners, good quality with a minimum of 1 Year Warranty. We at JNS Technologies have had a good look at all the cheaper barcode scanners on the market and have rejected many of them due to reliability issues. Here is our recommended list of cheap entry level 1D and 2D handheld scanners: Argox […]
  • Entry Level 2D Cordless Barcode Scanner
    The new Newland HR2070-RF is the ideal Entry Level Cordless Barcode Scanner that reads 1D and 2D barcodes. With the included USB-HID dongle, connect to virtually any device with a USB port and walk up to 50m away. Whether on the shop floor or taking inventory, the HR2070-RF Panga is ready for the job. Cordless […]
  • Handheld Stock Taking Barcode Scanner
    Stock taking barcode scanner are normally called Portable Data Terminals (PDT), Mobile Computers or PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistant). They differ from normal barcode scanners in that they are portable, have memory, a keypad, a display, scanning module and powered by  a battery. We will refer to the entry level Cipherlab 8001 as an example of […]
  • Purchasing cheap barcode scanners from online stores
    We receive many requests for support on Barcode Scanners that have been purchased from online stores. There are quite a few cheap unknown brands of scanners that are available lately from various online merchants. There seems to be a lack of support from most of the online stores. Barcode Scanners and Printers can be quite […]
  • Barcode Label Printer Service
    After many hours of operation a Label Printer accumulates dust and dirt that can be harmful to the Thermal Print Head, Platen Rollers, gears or belts and the Main PC Board. It makes sense to have your barcode label printer serviced after a years operation.  The service consists of: Stripping the printer for visual inspection […]
  • Argox iX4-250 Industrial Printer Review
    This week we had the opportunity to test and review the newly released Argox iX4-250 Industrial Label Printer. In The Box The printer fits snugly and securely inside the box and won’t be damaged in normal transit. The box also contains the CD with the drivers, Bartender UL and Utilities for the Argox printers. A […]
  • Thermal Print Head Cleaning.
    The Thermal Print Head of Barcode Label Printers are often the most expensive part of the printer. Proper care and cleaning should be done often to prolong the life of the thermal print head. It is strongly recommended that you clean the print head when you load a new roll of media (label roll), or […]
  • Argox direct thermal label printer
    Argox D4-250 Direct Thermal Label Printer The Argox D4-250 Direct Thermal is a new model from one of the leading manufacturers that supports a wide range of applications at an affordable price. We often take a product and take an in depth look at its design, construction and workings. Last week it was the Argox […]
  • Rugged 2D Barcode Scanner
    Cipherlab 1704 Rugged 2D Barcode Scanner CipherLab’s handheld 2D scanner enables you to capture more symbologies in nearly any application. For manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, and more, you can depend on the CipherLab 1704 scanner to help save money and increase productivity. Rugged Value, High Performance LONG-LASTING VALUE We designed the 1704 to give you long-lasting […]
  • Zebex Z-6070 Barcode Scanner Repairs
    The Zebex Z-6070 USB Presentation Barcode Scanner is a good unit that very seldom fails or developes major faults.  The only problem that seems to occur frequently is the two reset buttons on the sides of the scanner that become faulty or in many cases just goes missing. Our Technical Guy received quite a few […]
  • Cipherlab 8001 Repair and Service
    Our Technical Team received this Cipherlab 8001 Portable Data Terminal that had no sound when the buttons were pressed or when scanning. The unit was also scanning poorly. Our Technical Guy tested the unit and determined that the small beeper on the board was not working and the scan lens dirty causing the unit to […]
  • Honeywell Retired Barcode Scanner Replacements
    There are some Honeywell Barcode Scanner Models that have been retired lately, below are two retired models and their replacements. Handheld Products 3800G, Welch Allyn 3800G and the later model Honeywell 3800G. Replacement for the 3800G will be the new Honeywell 1300G Hyperion Linear Imager Barcode Scanner. The Hyperion 1300g delivers outstanding linear imaging performance and […]
  • Vertical or Presentation Barcode Scanners not Scanning Effectively
    If your vertical or presentation scanner is battling to scan smaller barcodes which it once did effectively, it is possibly caused by a dust buildup internally on the optic surfaces. The laser scanners all use a rotating mirror motor which spins at high speed to distribute the laser light across mirrors to achieve the scan […]
  • Honeywell 3800G and 1300G Barcode Scanner Cables
    Please be aware that the Honeywell 3800G and the 1300G models look similar but do not use the same cable. The connector end of the cables differ between the 3800G and the 1300G Apart from the physical difference between the cables, the pin configurations also differ resulting in damaged to the components on the PC […]
  • Bixolon SRP-770II Repair and Service
    Our technical department received this Bixolon SRP-770II for a Thermal Print Head change and a major service. It is evident that this printer works hard and has printed hundreds if not thousands of labels in quite a dirty environment. The printer was completely stripped down, covers washed and main PC Board cleaned. Re-assembled and all […]
  • Argox O4-250 Label Desktop Printer
    This new model Barcode and Label Printer from Argox is ideal for low to medium general purpose use. The O4 series offers a user friendly clamshell design that allows users to simply open the cover and easily load thermal ribbon and media. The O4-250 prints at 7 inches per second or 17.78 cm per second. […]
  • Cipherlab RS31 Touch Mobile Computer with Andoid 6.0 Now Available!
    The RS31 series has built-in multi-touch panel that provides a smooth touch-centric experience for its users. Its high sensible touch panel supports users’ touches from bare fingertips to latex gloves. Performing under the Andriod 6.0 operating system, the RS31 ensures minimal user training with similar personal smartphone operation experiences. Weighing at 260 grams, its lightweight […]
  • Repairs and Servicing of an Argox X2000+ Barcode Label Printer
    Procedure explained for repairs and servicing to an Argox printer. When we receive a barcode label printer for repairs the printer is first tested to determine any faults in the operation of the printer. The printer is then opened for a visual inspection of all the components and boards.  At this point a quote is […]
  • General Purpose Handheld Barcode Scanner Argox AS-8050
    Argox AS-8050 an excellent general purpose handheld barcode scanner! Fast 1D barcode reading. New technology and powerful scan engine with excellent performance highly increases the reading speed. Up to 3mil reading capacity. High density resolution that can capture the code on 3mil barcode such as jewelry tags. Easy to read screen barcodes. Support all type […]
  • New! Argox 04-250 Desktop Label Printer
  • Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printer Argox CP-2240
    For more information on the Argox CP-2240 click here
  • Brother RJ-3150 Rugged Mobile Receipt and Label Printer
    Our RJ-3000 Series portable printers are smaller and lighter than ever before. They provide the perfect on-person device for mobile workers needing a 2” or 3” printing solution – from emergency services and field sales to delivery drivers, engineers and traffic wardens. And the RJ-3150 can print up to 3” receipts, quotes and labels on […]
  • Wireless Barcode Scanners
    Wireless or portable barcode scanners can mean one of two things: Normal Barcode Scanners with no wire connecting them to a terminal but using a radio frequency or Bluetooth connection between the scanner and its base station. A portable data terminal is also sometimes referred to as a wireless scanner. A PDT is a device […]
  • What you will need to create your own Barcode Labels.
    To print your own labels with either text or barcodes or both, you will need the following: Barcode Label Printer Barcode Software Self adhesive labels or tags Thermal Ribbon if using Thermal Transfer Printer Barcode Label Printers There are a variety of label printers available from the leading manufacturers like Argox, Honeywell (Intermec), Datamax, Zebra. Printers […]
  • QR Code Scanners
    What is a QR Code and which Barcode Scanners can read them? A QR Code or Quick Response Code are 2D (Two Dimensional) barcodes that can hold a lot more information that the traditional 1D (One Dimensional) Barcode. 1D Barcode 2D Barcode or QR Code QR Codes are printed in magazines, business cards and can […]
  • Problems with Barcode Printers
    Are you having a problem with your printed barcode labels? We will try and give examples of all the faults and how to remedy them. Barcode scanners not able to read your printed label The most common cause of scanners not being able to read barcodes  printed on labels is caused by dead pixels on […]
  • Barcode Scanner not working?
    Are you facing the frustration of a barcode scanner that is not working as it should? We will in this article try and give you ideas of what to look for to rectify the problem you are having. Not scanning barcode.  If you are pointing the scanner at the barcode and activating the trigger and […]
  • New Battery Free Wireless Barcode Scanner Honeywell 1202g-BF
    The Voyager 1202g-bf is the first battery free bluetooth laser barcode scanner. Instead of using a conventional battery to power the scanner the 1202g-bf uses a supercapacitor capable of achieving a full charge in less than 35 seconds. That is enough power for at least 100 scans. With no tethered cable to trip over, you’ll benefit […]
  • Choosing the Right Barcode Scanner for your Application
    Barcode Scanners have through the changes in technology become easier to use than a few years ago when scanners had to plug into decoders and used external power supplies. The majority of users now plug the scanners into PC’s or other devices with USB cables. Scanners can also be used with Keyboard Wedge or Serial […]
  • Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
    Introduction to the Cipherlab 1600 series of Bluetooth Barcode Scanners. Pocket-sized Scanner Designed for healthcare, field sales and service environments, the CipherLab 1600 series brings high flexibility to the workers in the workplace. The Bluetooth® communication and pocket-sized form factor with extreme lightweight unleash workers and allow them to go where the work is and […]