Newland Barcode Scanners

Newland Barcode Scanners

Newland is a worldwide manufacturer of Newland Barcode Scanners products. With the aim of making 1D and 2D scanners accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes, we set out to make scanning simple.

New Products from Newlands

Newland HR3280 – BT

Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanner with Cradle

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Newland BS8060 – 2T

Pocket size Bluetooth 2D Barcode Scanners

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Newland FR4080

Presentation 2D Counter Top Corded Scanner

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Newland HR1250-70 Anchoa

CCD 1D Barcode Scanner available with USB Cable

5 Year Warranty

Newland is proud to present the first model of its eco friendly future forward product line. The brand new Newland HR1250-70 handheld barcode scanner incorporates the latest Newland 1D decoding chip technology for excellent 1D barcode scanning performance at exceptionally low power consumption. The HR1250-70 can perform up to 300 scans per second, which translates into very fast and accurate barcode capturing. In addition, its compact size, ergonomic and solid state design makes a smart solution for extensive use in varied environments. The HR1250-70 is a practical no frills, user friendly quality entry level scanner at an extremely competitive price.

Newland HR1060-70F Sardina 

1D CCD Barcode Scanner with USB Cable and Foldable Stand

5 Year Warranty

Designed as an entry-level 1D barcode scanner, the HR1060 Sardina provides excellent value for everyday use. The device is easy and comfortable to use and can stand up to everyday drops and bumps, making it a reliable investment.

From barcodes printed on paper to barcodes displayed on a smartphone screen, the HR1060 Sardina scans virtually all linear barcodes with ease. Its ability to read barcodes from a distance improves worker comfort when scanning larger boxes or out-of-reach products in a cart.

Newland HR1550-35F Wahoo

CCD USB 1D  Barcode Scanner with Foldable Autosense Smart Stand

5 Year Warranty

The HR1550 Wahoo was created with use in harsh and demanding environments in mind. With a sealing of IP54, the device is protected against dust and moisture. With a drop resistance of 1.5m it can withstand everyday drops and bumps.

The housing of HR1550 Wahoo is made in a way to comfortably fit in your hand, so you can operate all day long. It reduces fatigue and enhances your productivity.

Newland HR2081- RU-SF Panga

2D Newland Barcode Scanners with USB Cable and Foldable Smart Stand

5 Year Warranty

The HR20 Panga is specifically developed to provide a cost-effective data capture solution that allows customers to enjoy the capabilities of a 2D scanner for the price of a 1D scanner. This without making any compromises on scan performance, ergonomics or design. The HR20 Panga has an IP42 rating and is drop resistant up to 1.5m. Its durable housing guarantees optimal protection.

Newland HR2270-SF Dorado

2D Barcode Scanner with USB Cable and Foldable Smart Stand

5 Year Warranty

The HR22 Dorada provides a cost-effective data capture solution. This allows customers to enjoy the capabilities of the 2D barcode scanner for the price of a 1D scanner. Equipped with Newland’s third-generation decoder chip, the Dorada upholds an excellent scanning performance. Ensuring productivity and comfort with it’s design, this scanner is an ideal low-cost solution for applications such as product traceability, purchase-sales-inventory management, ticket/voucher management and office automation.

Newland HR1550-CE Wireless Wahoo

1D CCD ZigBee Wireless Barcode Scanner with Docking Station and USB Cable

3 Year Warranty

The HR1550 CE Wahoo 1D handheld barcode scanner is the cordless model of HR15 series. This model adopts Zigbee technology to realize wireless communication and supports standard RS-232 / USB. The HR1550 CE wireless rugged scanner is very suitable for applications in supermarkets, shopping malls and warehouse environment applications, etc.

Newland HR3290-CS Wireless Marlin

2D Imaging ZigBee Wireless Barcode Scanner with Docking Station and USB Cable

3 Year Warranty

The HR3290 CS Marlin is a cordless 2D handheld scanner that gives you the ability to roam more than 50 m away from its cradle. The device uses ZigBee technology to transform a docking station into a router. Each router adds 50 meters extra range, up to 3 routings possible per docking station.