Argox Barcode Scanners

Argox Barcode Scanners, one of the leaders in the Auto ID industry. The AS8050 is a new Entry Level USB Barcode Scanner.

Argox AS8050 Long Range CCD Barcode Scanner with USB Cable and Stand. (AS 8050 USB) 12 Month Warranty.

12 Month Warranty

  • Fast 1D barcode reading
  • New technology and powerful scan engine with excellent performance highly increase the reading speed.
  • High density resolution that can capture the code on 3mil barcode such as jewelry tag.
  • Easy to read screen barcodes
  • Support all type of electronic device, such as mobile phone, tablet and LCD display.
  • 12 Month Warranty.

Argox AI-6821 BT 2D Barcode Imager with Base and USB Cable.

12 Month Warranty

Based on the outstanding reading performance 2D CMOS imager scan engine, AI-6821 is the first Argox wireless light-industry grade 2D scanner. With enhanced reading capability on 4 mil labels for components and jewelry labels, AI-6821 has been well recognized by Argox customer groups for its snappy readings and rigid structures in light industrial applications.