Barcode Label Printer Sales

Barcode Label Printers use one of two methods to print on labels or tags. Direct Thermal uses the heat from the printhead to cause a chemical reaction on the thermal labels and the area that is heated turns black producing the print. No ribbon is used for this method of printing. The abbreviation for Direct Thermal used on this site is “DT”. Thermal Transfer also use the heat from the printhead, but to rather transfer the ink from the ribbon onto the label. The thermal transfer method produces a much longer lasting printed label that is not easily affected by heat, liquid or direct sunlight. The abbreviation for Thermal Transfer Printers is “TT”. Barcode Label Printers available from entry level printers to heavy duty industrial printers using direct thermal or thermal transfer print methods. You will find a Label Printer to meet any demand amongst the models available.

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Desktop Label Printers

Desktop label printers are low cost compared to the robust industrial printers. Desktop printers are available in either DT or TT models, the thermal transfer printers are also able to be used as direct thermal printers. Desktop printers have been designed to offer affordable label printing up to a few thousand labels per day. JNS Technologies offer label printers from Argox, Brother, Datamax (Honeywell), Intermec (Honeywell), Zeba and Bixolon. These printers offer a broad range of connectivity such as USB, Serial, Parallel or Ethernet. The displayed Desktop Label Printers are our most popular selling printers.

Zebra GK420 TT Label Printer
Price: R5 335
On Special: No

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Argox OS214Plus TT Label Printer
Price: R3 414
On Special: R3 167

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Argox CP-2140E TT Label Printer
Price: R4 268
On Special: No

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Argox D4-250 DT Label Printer
Price: R4 217
On Special: R3 926 (Low stock)

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Argox O4-250 TT Label Printer
Price:R4 217
On Special: No

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Argox CP-2240 TT Label Printer
Price: R4 468
On Special: No

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Honeywell PC42T TT Label Printer
Price: R3 024
On Special: R2 924

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Bixolon SRP-770II DT Label Printer
Price: R3 783
On Special: No

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Industrial Barcode Label Printers

Industrial label printers are high performance printers that stand up to high volume and demanding applications. These printers normally have metal covers protecting the units from harsh environments. Industrial printers available in 4″ and wide 6″ models. High print quality at 203dpi or 300dpi to suite all high demand application. JNS Technologies offer Industrial label printers from Argox, Brother, Datamax (Honeywell), Intermec (Honeywell), Zeba. The displayed Industrial Label Printers are our most popular selling printers.

Argox X1000V TT Label Printer
Price: R8 032
On Special: R7 821

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Argox X2300E TT Label Printer
Price: R9 536
On Special: R8 649

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Argox iX4-250 TT Label Printer
Price: R10 238
On Special: R9 899 (Low stock)

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Honeywell PM42 TT Label Printer
Price: R11 872
On Special: R11 563

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