Cipherlab RS35 Touch Mobile Computer

CipherLab RS35 is the device that brings enterprise class features through a pocketable consumer style smartphone with rugged designs. The RS35 focuses on the versatility of its features, and it aims to provide its users the ability to deliver a positive customer experience, offer more convenient service and save time and effort. With its versatile features, the RS35 gives businesses competitive advantages that help the mobile workforce get more work done in less time

Cipherlab RS35 Touch Mobile Computer with Android 10, WiFi, BT, LTE, 3G, GPS, 2D Imager, Cradle and Rubber Boot.

Cipherlab RS35 Touch Mobile Computer

Cipherlab RS35 An Affordable Device that is Versatile and Intuitive

CipherLab’s RS35 is a versatile mobile device that provides your enterprise and staff a better solution for daily tasks with efficiency. If you’re looking for device that can streamline workflow with the combination of integrated scanning, powerful processing, intuitive touchscreen interface and robust connectivity, the RS35 has got you covered. If manageability and enterprise-class security is your cup of tea, the RS35 has CipherLab’s self developed enterprise management tools for easy deployment and top data protection. CipherLab’s RS35’s competitive price combined with competitive features makes it the best investment for your business

Protection Against Accidental Drops and Demanding Environments

The CipherLab RS35’s efficient features are under maximum protection with its rugged designs. RS35’s rugged design keeps your workers free of worries when working in different environments. Its IP65 and IP67 ratings allow the device to work in demanding environments such as rain and dust. Furthermore, the RS35 has a 1.5m drop resistance, 1.8m drop resistance with rubber boot and 500 tumbles at 0.5m. Workers can feel completely secured while focusing on the tasks at hand. Its intuitive touchscreen is also protected with Corning Gorilla Glass, which is shatterproof and has a high resistance to scratches from sharp objects. With wide operating temperatures, the RS35’s productivity is guaranteed in a wide range of environments and conditions. Additionally, its reliable designs can save repair costs and extend the life of the RS35

Instant Access to Online Informat on with Seamless Wi-Fi Connection

The RS35 provides seamless in-store communication with one of the most reliable transmission solutions in the market. The RS35’s transmission comes in the form of IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/i. These reliable connections support fast roaming and strengthen store operation in any industry. Its VoLTE feature with noise reduction microphone and echo cancellation assures easy in-store communication in any retail environment. With accurate route planning being so important in optimizing customer experience, RS35’s GPS/A-GPS gives you accurate navigation across boundaries which is no doubt a convenient feature for last-mile delivery and light transportation & logistics.

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