Android Mobile Computers and Android PDA

Android Mobile Computers and PDA’S available from Cipherlab, Datalogic, Honeywell, Newland.

On 9 June of this year, Windows will withdraw support for its Embedded 8.1 handheld operating system, with Embedded 6.5 to follow suit on 14 January 2020. These ‘end of life cycles’ need not threaten your operations, with timely and wise replacement measures in place. Below are Android quality and high-spec replacements. Not all the products are listed. Contact us for other models.

Newland MT65 Beluga III

Newland MT6551-2W-C

Mobile data terminal with 2D CMOS imager with Laser Aimer, BT, WiFi, 4G, GPS, NFC, Camera (OS Android 7). Incl. USB cable, battery, charging & communication cradle and multi plug adapter (Beluga III)

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Newland MC90

Newland MT9051-2WE-C

Mobile data terminal with 5” Touch Screen, 2D CMOS imager with LED Aimer, BT, WiFi, 4G, GPS, NFC, Camera (OS Android 7.0). Incl. USB cable, battery, rubber boot, charging & comm. cradle and multi-plug adapter. (Orca)

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RS31 Android Mobile Computers

Cipherlab RS31

2D Touch Mobile Computer, Android 7.0, LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, HF RFID,
Camera. Single Cradle USB Kit.

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RS50 Android Mobile Computers

Cipherlab RS51

2D Rugged Touch Computer Android 8.0, GMS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera. Extra Battery. Single Cradle USB Kit.

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Cipherlab RK25 2D

Rugged Mobile Computer Android 7.0, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera. Extra Battery. Single Cradle USB Kit.

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Newland NFT10 Pilot Pro

Newly released Mobile Computer from Newland with Android 9.0
Coming Soon!

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What are Mobile Computers

Mobile computers are portable devices that can be easily carried around in your pocket or fit in your hand. They can perform the functions of a Smart Phone but with the added feature of an inbuilt scanner.

What connectivity do Mobile Computers Offer

The majority of the mobile computers, like Smart Phones, connect to the Cell Phone Networks. They also use Bluetooth and Wifi (802.11) to connect to local networks.

What Operating System do Mobile Computers Use

With the withdrawal of many of the Windows Operating Systems – Many of the new release models now use Android.

How strong are these Mobile Computers

The majority of the Mobile Computers have been designed and built with various IP ratings and are relatively rugged. Each model has a drop spec or impact spec shown in the respective data sheets. Many also come with protective covers or these can be purchased separately.